Restaurants and Dining

Honeymoons should be about tantalising all the senses, and taste is just one of them. A romantic dinner without fine food and wine is just two people in love with a table between them.


Arguably the best legacy left by the French part of the old New Hebrides condominium is the cuisine.

The resorts all have good restaurants but visitors to Vanuatu who don’t leave their resort to sample some of the restaurants are doing themselves a disservice. The larger resorts have excellent restaurants (and Melanesian feast nights) but they are ‘resort’ restaurants catering to a large number of people. The smaller resorts offer superb dining – Tilly’s (Chantilly’s on the Bay); Tamanu on the Beach; Aqua (Erakor Island Resort); The Officer’s Club (Benjor Beach Resort) and Breaka’s Beach Resort are wonderful. La Tentation, The Havannah and Eratap Beach Resort are also terrific choices.

And then you have Vila Chaumieres, Café du Village, l’Houstalet, the Waterfront Bar and Grill – the list goes on. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed.

There are more than 40 restaurants in and around Vila offering a variety of cuisines – email us if you’d like more detailed information.


Fiji is not like Vanuatu, the Cook Islands or New Caledonia in that it’s not as easy to leave most resorts and try local restaurants – and this is why the resort dining is so good.

In the larger resorts you will have a choice of restaurants (the Shangri-la Fijian has five restaurants, for example) and in the boutique resorts, the chef will ensure there’s a changing menu. Try the traditional lovo feasts and local dishes like kokoda (pronounced kokonda).

If you do venture into one of the larger towns and like curry, you’ll certainly be rewarded. Remember nearly half the population is Indian! Chinese restaurants are also very common, and a good plan is to look for an Indian place for lunch and a Chinese restaurant for dinner. That’s because the Indian restaurants are usually dry (no alcohol) whereas you can always get beer at the Chinese places. Predictable but good international cuisine is on the menu at Chefs Restaurant in Nadi and Suva, owned by the Jacks Handicrafts chain. Chopsticks is an inexpensive Chinese restaurant with two locations around Nadi.

Check out the individual resorts for more detail on dining options.