The Honeymoon Resorts of Samoa

There are a number of excellent accommodation properties in Samoa but we have selected just two (and a bit) that will suit couples looking for a romantic break.

On the main island of Upolu we have chosen the Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Beach & Spa Resort and Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa. And the ‘bit’? On the island of Savai’i, we love Tanu Beach Fales for a taste of real Samoa where you sleep on a mattress on the floor of an open fale by the beach. We recommend a night here if you go to Savai’i but also that you perhaps retain your other accommodation (or leave your luggage with reception) and travel light. We can book this for you or you can decide after arriving. The cost for accommodation, dinner and breakfast is $50 tala per night (that’s around AUD$25!).

The above resorts lend themselves to excellent combinations. Email us with a bit of info about yourselves and we will come up with an itinerary to suit your needs and budget.

Our choices for honeymoon resorts in Samoa are:

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