The Honeymoon Resorts of New Caledonia

To be honest, it has been a while since we visited New Caledonia so until we get back again, we are reluctant to book accommodation as resorts change with time and new management etc. We have some general information, however – there are a couple of misconceptions about holidays in New Caledonia.

One is, that it is expensive. Yes, the cost of living is higher than, say Vanuatu or Fiji, but there are excellent accommodation and airfare packages. Dining out, you’ll pay around the same for a meal as you would in a good restaurant in Australia or New Zealand but you have the atmosphere of being on the French Riviera with excellent cuisine without the cost of getting to France. And, for lunch, why not live like the ‘French’? – pick up a breadstick, some cheese and pate from the corner shop!

Secondly, we have heard people say that it is ‘too French’. Not a bit – the local people are friendly, welcoming and are honestly chuffed when you try out your vaguely remembered school French (and most people speak English). For the author’s personal observations, click here.